SPA CENTER - Silence İstanbul Hotel & Convention Center

A short or long vacation or a business meeting that you have to attend... Regardless of the type of your stay, our Spa Center is available for relaxing and refreshing yourself.

  • Fitness center, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, 1 Skin Care room, 3 massage rooms, 2 steam rooms, 2 saunas, 2 Turkish baths, Snow fountain, a shock shower and rest rooms and the Vitamin Bar. Hammam, Sauna, Steam room,  Mr. and Mrs. sections are separate.
  • Guests may use B1 floor from Silver Hotel to Gold Hotel  for pool and the Congress and Ballrooms
  • Hotel guests will benefit from staying in the pool for free.


Indian Head Massage
Helps especially migraine, sinusitis, cope with stress and problems such as insomnia. Only the head and neck area applied for 30 minutes, thanks to this special treatment of India will contribute to the reduction of stress on the body's nerves

Sports Massage : In particular, a type of massage is applied to those found in sports activities. Sports massage features that distinguish it from other massage rhythms, the amount of time and practice is different, it is also more stimulating movements.  you will continue with this technique that accelerates your blood circulation, relax your muscles. 45 min.

Reflexology Massage : Pressure is applied on certain points of the feet in this massage which comes into focus by setting out from the principle that the feet are the mirror of the body and forms and indispensible part of the traditional far eastern medicine . Every point at the foot represents a certain organ and tissue of the body. Reflexology is a kind of balance massage and makes the person feel good physically, emotionally and spiritually. The problems are idenrfied and tried to be cured according to the responses gien by the person to a certain point on the feet. 30 min.

Anti Stress Massage : This superb massage offers a relaxation and calming experience based on 3 different cultures . It is especially designed to alleviate the physical weariness, and get rid of the Daily stress and tenseness. The motions are perfect and continuous to rebalance the body energies. It focues on the tense areas of the body. 30 min.

Regional Massage : This massage Whether request of our guests, Head - neck and neck - shoulder - back, back - back, and generally made to areas such as the arms and legs of the massage to the regional problems.  45 min.

Classic Massage : It is classic massage which regulates blood circulation, alleviates physical tension and detracts from stress. 45 min.

Hot Oil Massage : Sesame, natural oils such as almond and coconut, blended with purifying and healing aromatic essential oils known medicinal properties and is heated to a temperature slightly above body temperature. Plenty of hot oil is applied to the whole body a vigorous massage and essential medical essences penetrate deeply into tissue, and from there spread to the entire system, mingling their blood and energy meridians. Such massage rheumatism and any joints and connective are particularly effective in treating inflammation. It also drains lymph channels, strengthens the skin and calms the nervous system. 45 min.

Aromatherapy Massage : It is a massage with herbal oils. The oil will be most beneficial for the needs of the person away and is mixed with the selected carrier oil. 45 min.

Medical Massage : Medical massage is applied to the center of the outer surface of the chest and back outside the region. Each muscle group is based in large circulatory system medical massage performed by taking. Movement is smooth and fluid. Massage in a way that effects are applied to the body and tone. Medical massage is used for chronic pain and fatigue are major effect on muscle and movement system. 30 min.

Anti Cellulite Massage : The narrowing of the diameter of the blood vessels and improving blood circulation under the skin of the leg to flow regularly. Thus rearrangement of bad blood circulation, better oxygen reaching the cells and rid the body of toxins is provided. 45 min.

Chocolate Massage : Softens the skin, nourish and moisturize the most sensitive one cure. Cocoa butter is prepared with cocoa powder and chocolate made with special almond oil. Cocoa powder, good from polyphenols against cellulite and special solar filter that protects the tan. Through contained caffeine it has a beneficial effect on blood circulation and the human spirit. 90 min.

Bali Massage : It provides a superb relaxation to the body by increasing blood circulation and decreasing muscle tension with exotic touches. The massage which is applied to the entire body with strong movements is focused especially on hands and feet.50  min.

Deep Connective Tissue Massage : This massage is done with hard touches at medium motions. It is ideal for the relaxation of connective tissues and cleansing the body of toxins. It is suitable for people who work with intensive working tempo , play sports and have an active life. 50 min.

Hot Stone Massage :
Regular treatments applied to the body with volcanic Stones frees the body of negative energy centers at the body called chakra in the Hot Stone Massage originating from the Far East. It renews soul and body energy , and provides great spiritual , mental and physical relaxation.45 min.

Lumi Lumi Massage : In the Hawaiian language, means a massage performed by one or more than one that is vibrating soft Hawaiian massage. On the back and abdomen applied hands and arms as panning. 45 min.

Cleopatra Massage : Relaxing implemented with milk and honey mixture and is a slow massage technique performed. Sauna in short (10-15 minutes), but after a busy sweating, specially prepared milk, honey and care, the therapist is provided to penetrate into the body from the opening pores and soft massage movements. sweating; and disposing of the blood circulation outside the body of accumulated toxins means into balance; The maintenance of milk and honey provides skin rejuvenation. 90 min.

Silence Mix Massage : Aromatherapy, hot stone massage is a type of massage in Bali and the mix of medical massage. Massage for chronic pain and fatigue are major effect on muscle and movement system. 90 min.

Sultan Massage : Two therapists simultaneously massage in sync negative energy that purpose by two different energy applied to a single body simultaneously with the movement of the body is turning into positive energy. This massage awakens in people a feeling of extreme relaxation. 45 min.

Relax Massage : Relaxing, restful  massage. Slow and done much pressure you apply to the whole body. Reduces the stress of the day, it makes it easier to sleep. 45 min.


Anti Aging Sea Minerals Theatment : You can see smoothing, filling and tightening effects starting from the first session with Thalgo’s new generation anti-aging system. It regulates collagen production and providing the moisture need of the skin with intensive anti-aging treatment it gives elasticity.

Silicium Super Lifting Facial : You can see tightening effects starting from the first session with Thalgo’s new generation anti-aging system. It gives a smooth appearance by structuring the tissue in deepening lines. It tightens up the facial contour by increasing elasticity.


Expert instructors with the last system fitness equipment with the people prepared special exercise program and where the follow-up Tanita device with regularly, made with body analysis (fat, muscle, fluid rate measurements) at the right place where you can step a healthy life.